Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommy's Day....

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.-Sophocles

That quote couldn't be any truer. Words could not describe how blessed and thankful I am to be Myah, Hayden and Karley's mommy. I love them with my whole soul and heart. They are my purpose. They are my world.

I had such an amazing Mommy's Day. Jason and the kids were so good to me. I got some really cool surprises too. Jason got me tickets to see 311. Myah, Hayd and Karley and Jas gave me a super sweet camera. We spent the whole day together as a family. We visited very important mothers too- Mikell, my Mom and Kari. I am grateful for having these strong, beautiful women in my life. I look up to all of them for the many great qualities they hold. We ended our day having dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and went for a drive as a family. Such an awesome day!
S I tried to post the picture of this awesome camera that I got, but it didn't work, so this link is the only way to see it.

Karley and Grandma Mindy...

Mikell, Kaylee, Kelly and this new camera but I love these girlies more!

The awesome panoramic view of our dinner....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The healing process....

Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go according to any rules. They're not like aches or wounds; they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material.

I am not gonna lie. My heart has been extremely heavy for quite sometime. There have been some really serious events that have taken place in my family, that I am still trying to piece it all together. I am not going to divulge too much information, out of respect for those who, these life altering events have affected. I just need to be able to channel the pain and frustration that I am feeling. In my attempt to heal, I have talked about feelings, but I haven't written them down. So here's to the next step in the healing process.

I am still so angry and hurt by someones selfish-ness. I have tried so hard to help them help themselves. But I completely failed in my attempt. I still question myself why did this happen? how did this happen? why won't they let me help them get better? when is enough-enough? Am I horrible for putting my foot down and not tolerating it? Am I horrible because I have to separate myself from it all? Is that the last time I will see them? I am tormented in thinking that it's not if, it's when? Aside from my feelings, I see the anguish that has stricken other member's of my family because of these events. My heartaches. There is no answer. There is no manual or book. I really wish that there was. Someones written words of wisdom would be cathartic. But seeing since I haven't found anything of the sort, I rely on music. This song sums it all up for me.

Envy on the Coast

The road turned into a snake
It looked in my veins and said
"It's in your blood"
That's when I tried to run
But it was way too dark
Got scared and ran into your arms
Oh, sweet chemical predicament
Can't stop, can't change the evident

Predisposed to forget the best part
The story where the hero dies without regard
Made sure that the needle is clean
When I let myself fall asleep
And all I kept was a piece of your picture
It slipped from my fingers
When I slid into my dreams

It's not as deep as it seems
And unfair as it may be
I'm just here to remind you
Remind you not to forget to remember me

I know you know how it feels
To make a clean break
My bones are your bones
My home is your home
You must be so confused
I got scared and ran away from you
Oh, sweet divine predicament
I can't hide, I can't change the evident

Redisposed to trust a photograph
To portray the way you used to laugh
Do you recall the day you wed?
Such a radiant bride
You couldn't wait to see your first born
Take his very first steps
Then you smiled at him
'Cause you thought he looked like me

It's not as deep as it seems
And unfair as it may be
I'm just here to remind you
Remind you not to forget to remember me

Now that I've dodged your questions so much
I don't possess the strength to answer straight
And no, I'm not afraid
At least not to die
I'm afraid to live and not remember why
Sweet chemical indifference
I can't stop, can't change the evidence

Predisposed to perpetual sickness
I refuse to let you all be witness
Make the sure the needle is clean
When you let me go back to sleep
And situate the piece of her picture
Underneath my fingers
It protects me in my dreams

It's not as deep as it seems
And unfair as it may be
I'm just here to remind you
Remind you not to forget to remember me

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The past 4 months in a nutshell....

For those of you who periodically read this blog, you have noticed that I have completely abandoned it for the past 4 months... You'd think with my staying at home mommy business, I'd have time to post things on here. Having 3 small children is pretty time consuming(many of you who have more than 1 child understand). But one thing that I usually have close by is my camera. I put it to far better use than this blog....obviously. A lot of things have taken place- Adjusting to having Karley, My Mom turning "50" yes I said "50", Myah turning "5", Lily being born, playing in the snow, going to some freaking awesome concerts, hanging out with family, and everyday life things. Here are pictures taken from the last 4 months, to catch you up to speed...and yes my life is random-yet wonderful!

The Daughtry Concert!!!!

Mikell and I stoked...we had floor seats!

Um the bald dreamboat :o)


There he is again. Chris Daughtry is fine...

This fine piece of man is the drummer from Cavo. Ps He's Mine and Mikell's boyfriend

Envy on the Coast!!!!!!!

"Glamour Shot"... ha ha Keely and I being "hawt"...

Here is Ryan Hunter the lead singer.. the dread headed dreamboat...

His voice seriously is Amazing!

this concert was flippin shweet!

Snow days.....

This bugger was heavy!

Hanging with family-
The best auntie in the world!!

Grammy and Kar hanging out

My niece Lily Bug....I miss her :o(

My niece Danica...I miss her too :o(

Tiyana's t-ball game... I love her!

Here is "SupaMaan" Hayden. He wears this cape everywhere!

Everyday Happenings....

My purpose. My whole world.

sweet dreams for a sweet boy.


They really are friends..despite this picture.

The beasts- AKA- Arthur and Jason

"For those who love to rock".....she salutes you?

One in a million chances that all of them are asleep like this???

Karley loves bath time...

Lily Cianna Christensen
Feb. 18, 2010
7 lbs. 20 inches

Here is my brother Chester with his precious baby girl..

Myah turns 5 years old!!!!!!!!!!

The birthday girl in her caa-ute birthday outfit. Her bro is pretty stylin too.

So I attempted to do Marshmallow Fondant.
FAIL. Kinda cute in dim lighting??

"Spaghetti Tacos"- really good.

Myah and her favorite Keely..

Hayd and Grandpa swimmin..

"I can kick, stretch and kick...I'm 50..50 years old."

My Mom's birthday cake

Some of our family that came to her surprise pizza party..

My Dad- The pizza guru making pizza's for the 40 people that came to show my mom the love they have for her... She is pretty AMAZING!

And baby makes 3-kids that is!

This picture is simply precious. I love my girls.

Holy Stink she is beautiful!

To answer your question- Yes she is this cute!

snuggling with my first baby....
snuggling with my second baby...
Hayd thinks "Kar-gee" is pretty neat!

I just love being her mommy and getting to know her!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So Jason decided that it would be great for the kids and him to have a dog. Jokingly he claimed that "I get to have a baby, so the kids and him need something to play with." Technically Arthur joined our family December 6th. I haven't really had the time to post any pictures of him. So I had a second, so here he is. By the way he is a Blue Merle Blue Heeler. He is dang cute!
Dang he is super cute!
Myah and Hayd love their new puppy.